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  • Editor-in-Chief: Alex Martini.
    Alex founded AUTOSIMSPORT in 2005; a keen motor racing enthusiast and wannabe racing legend, he currently lives in downtown Manhattan and thoroughly believes that, had he no bad luck, he would have no luck at all—and that clichés are the only truth to be found ...
  • Corporate Relations: Jon Denton.
    Jon Denton has been part of AUTOSIMSPORT since February of 2005 ... he has driven all manner of racing cars and is currently exploring the idea of Rallying ... He lives somewhere in Newbury ...
  • Editor/Community Relations: Bob Simmerman.
    Smokin Bob has been heard to say, more than once, that 2005 "has been the best year of my life." And so it has - he would like to thank all the readers of the magazine, and his colleagues, for making that a great year, and planting the seed of hope that life really isn''t so bad, once you get to know it. He lives in a brand new home near Hooker Lake, Michigan.
  • Marketing/Contributing Editor/Merchandising/Advertising: Lou Magyar.
    Lou has been involved with AUTOSIMSPORT since its inception—with his close ties to the community and manufacturers, as well as his legendary track-building skills, Lou remains an integral part of the magazine. Lou is currently exploring a new and exciting avenue in his life in and around both the sim racing community and the non-sim racing community. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Advertising: Greg Haglund.
    Greg joined the AutoSimSport team as our advertising manager in early 2007. He lives in greater Chicagoland.
  • Advertising: John Gregorio.
    John joined the AutoSimSport team as an advertising associate in late 2007. He lives in sunny California.


  • Contributing Editor: Steve Smith.
    Steve has been a car guy since he was knee-high to a hubcap. He was the Editor of Car and Driver in the Sixties, Motor Trend in the Seventies, and PC Computing in the Eighties. He raced Porsches in SCCA and Trans-Am, owned one of the three Corvettes that Briggs Cunningham raced at Le Mans in 1960, and has driven everything from the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to the Howmet turbine. He wrote "Four-Wheel Drift," the strategy guide that shipped with "Grand Prix Legends," and now races online under the nom de drive "Toonces."

  • Art: Mike Crick
    Mike has been providing art, comics and cartoons for AUTOSIMSPORT since March 2005. He lives in Sydney, Australia, where he is studying film.

  • Columnist: Eric Alexander—Interactive Racing
    Eric, also known by RacerAlex, has been sim racing since "Indianapolis 500: The Simulation" and has been active in the F1 sim racing scene, having penned the Advanced Formula 1 Set-up Guide, as well as his popular line of Advanced Menu Systems for F1 2002 and F1 Challenge 99-02. An avid fan of all forms of racing, Alexander currently heads up the Regulated Association of Championship Electronic Racers, as well as contributing regularly to AUTOSIMSPORT. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Sports/Feature Writer: Joe Cortez
    Joe comes to the AUTOSIMSPORT Team with two years of experience as a working journalist in television and radio. The winner of several awards for journalistic excellence, Cortez resides in California, after completing his education in Ohio. Outside of sim racing, Cortez enjoys skeet shooting, and discussing theology over a medium ale. He is single, and dwells with two cats.

  • Contributor: Chaz Teets — Oval Office/NASCAR
    Chaz has been a NASCAR nut his whole life, and has been an avid sim racer since about 2002. He remembers with awe the first time he saw a Papyrus NASCAR Sim, and he has been hooked ever since. He hopes to major in journalism and land a job at SPEED channel or ESPN as a NASCAR analyst. He lives in eastern West Virginia.

  • Columnist: Björn Erik Hagen—Rally Column
    Björn got interested in Rally between the years 97-2000 when Petter Solberg beat his older brother Henning in a Norwegian Event. Since then, Bjorn has been driving different rally sim/arcades and has, for the time being, found his home in the RBR community, from where he runs his League and writes his regular column for AUTOSIMSPORT. He''s got a girlfriend and a son (2,5 years old) and another kid popping soon! And dreams of making a resource center for RBR Community that only dedicated licensed users can learn and help each other. He lives in Sørumsand, Norway.

  • Columnist: Magnus Tellbom—NASCAR Heat
    Born in 1970, Magnus is a married father of three and works as a newspaper distributor (paperboy!). He runs the league racing site called SCORE (, which has been running since January 1st 2003. He also organizes and admins leagues for NASCAR Heat (roadcourse mods) and Live For Speed.

    He started to write for AutoSimSport just to bring some attention towards NASCAR Heat, and will keep writing as long as there is something to write about. Magnus lives in Färgelanda, Sweden.

  • Contributor: Gary Poon
    Gary, a systems engineer, has been fascinated by electronic gaming ever since he could comprehend the world. He can recall spending virtually every free moment he had with his brother searching far and wide for an electronic pinball parlour or gaming centre where they could spend what little pocket money they had to try and extract as many free credits or extended game plays as possible. It was a time of innocence and cheating was restricted to seeing just how far they could shove the pinnie before it reacted belligerently with the dreaded ‘tilt’.
    The console boom of the 80s really put the hooks in (as if they needed to be in anymore!) but he was really only interested in the games that had either racing or fighting … a psychologist could probably read something into this! Outrun, Daytona, NFS and finally the Gran Turismo series all made their debut. He played them to death, but he was always searching, searching for that holy grail, a racing simulation that truly immersed him in the moment.
    In the 90s he was introduced to the PC by a friend who had, at that time, the bee’s knee’s of PCs, a PII 400 with 256 meg of ram and Riva TNT video card. Gary witnessed for the first time Falcon 4 with a Saitek HOTAS and he stared at it gob-smacked for the entire afternoon. The future was now clear to him: he had to have a PC, consoles were out and Intel was in!
    Gary is the kind of person who likes to get his thrills the hard way, the more sophistication, the harder the rewards, the more he enjoys it … yes maybe he is a bit of a masochist! PC racing to him is the ultimate thrill. He has owned high performance V8 engined cars all his life and has been on the race track many time in club meets, but he gets just as much, if not more satisfaction nailing a perfect lap PB in his HyperStim than he does on the track in his car … strange but true.
    His passion for racing is not restricted to the virtual world as he is a keen follower of the F1, GT, V8 Supercar, Rally and MotoGP series. He also authored the rFactor TiD (Track Information Database) and will continue to contribute in any way he can to the PC racing community that he loves more than any other. He lives in Australia.

  • Contributor: Jiminee Smith
    Jiminee is a 25 year old Mechanical Engineer. Given his lack of money, contacts and talent, his motor racing dreams are now lived out on the electronic race tracks of the world and in his imagination! He currently spends most of his time with either rFactor or LFS with a little N2k3 and GTL thrown in as well. His non-sim-racing interests include cricket, basketball, golf and scale model cars. He lives inin Whyalla, South Australia, which is a short flight west of Adelaide, former home of the Australian Grand Prix

  • Research: Goran "Gunja" Gunjevic
    Driving since the C64 days, and a sim racer since GPL came out, when he bought his first wheel, Gunja has driven virtually every driving sims ever made for PC. Gunja has no great talents at Modding, but, since he many friends who do, he helps out in other ways, usually connecting the right people together, getting useful info for the projects or simply testing and giving opinions. He drives online most of the time from his home in Zagreb, Croatia, and always welcomes a wave and a chat!

  • Contributor: Brent Rubeck
    Brent is an avid gamer. He's been a sim racer for about 6 years, and being a single guy, spends most of his time racing and beating up whores in Grand Theft Auto titles.

  • Contributor: Paul Harwood
    Paul has done some real world racing in both karts and open wheelers. Paul resides in Montreal, Quebec and is a musical performer when he's not sim racing.

  • Contributor: John Gregorio
    John is an enterprising young man who recently joined AutoSimSport as an advertising salesman. John is honing his writing skills and learning about business and magazine editing.

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