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Alison Hine's iRacing preview with the Skip Barber Formula 2000
Alison Hine takes us around Summit Point in a Skippy car for a sneak peak at the track, car, and capabilities of iRacing.

Grand Prix Legends Manual - 10th Anniversary SHIFT-R Edition
Steve Smith's 10th Anniversary Edition of the Grand Prix Legends Manual "Four-Wheel Drift, A Car Guy's Guide to Grand Prix Legends" is a must have for anyone who's ever driven GPL.

A1Legacy Wallpaper collection -
Decorate your desktop with one of these cool A1Legacy wallpapers - only available from AutoSimSport

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Team Players 55 Merc - ZIP
Download Team Players incredible 1955 Mercedes W196 mod for rFactor!

GTR2 Advanced Weather - ZIP
GET YOUR New Advanced Weather For GTR2 - Download your copy today!

The Power & The Glory: IROCs Mod - ZIP,   RAR
Aris Vasilakos sets down the gauntlet with a suberb mod for GTR2 and GTL2 that brings you back to the glory days of 1973 in IROC Porsche 911s
Grand Prix Classics GP79 Owners Manual - ZIP,   RAR
Turn Up the Boost! - At last! ‘Grand Prix Legends 2’—or something that looks and sounds very much like it—has arrived ... albeit half a decade late, and after the death of its intended parent, Papyrus. Renato Simioni and his multinational Grand Prix Classics crew have done what sim-impressario extraordinaire Dave Kaemmer and all the king's horses (well, the might of the French waterworks cartel, which begat Vivendi) couldn't do: bring a totally believable ‘Dawn of the Turbo Era’ simulation to life for our die-hard sim-racing community. 
nKP Skin Tutorial - ZIP,   RAR
Get Julian Dyer's NetKAR Pro Skinning tutorial here!. 

Get the NAPmod version 1.4 patch today!  

Download your copy of the GTR2 Car-owners Manual TODAY!
A must have for GTR2 racers, this comprehensive manual is written for both 'stock' GTR2 racers and NAPmod racers. This manual brings to the GTR2-Car-Owner a whole new level of authenticity with which the car owner can fiddle with the settings of the car in great detail. 
Drive the vicious FO8s around the highly entertaining tracks wrapped into artwork sponsored by your favorite and first sim racing magazine.
There are two skins available: white, by Timo Hakala; red, by Mike Crick 
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